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Claudia Nicholson's ARTBAR of love and devotion

July’s ARTBAR will see the MCA turned into an elaborate quinceañera by this month’s curator, Claudia Nicholson. more

#ConversationStarters: Have you ever made a decision based on fear?

We held a new program of art and ideas, Conversation Starters, in June to promote an open conversation with questions that define our global situation. more

#ConversationStarters: What are you afraid of for the future?

We held a new program of art and ideas, Conversation Starters, in June to promote an open conversation with questions that define our global situation. more

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Booked out: Justin Shoulder
– Carrion

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New Romance artist Justin Shoulder introduces Carrion, a new Fantastic Creature, in this experimental performance. Drawn from the artist’s Phasmahammer bestiary, Carrion is a posthuman clown.

Don’t miss this new performance work by Justin Shoulder – only 3 performances available with limited capacity.

Thursday 11 August, 6.30pm: Booked out
Friday 12 August,3pm: Booked out
Saturday 13 August, 12pm Booked out (Performance followed by an artist talk)
Free, RSVP required (limited capacity)
Veolia Lecture Theatre , Level 2

Please note that we unfortunately cannot accommodate any latecomers or pass-outs. Thank you for arriving on time.

This performance includes strobe lights, high volume, smoke and haze.

“A dissimulation of finches in collective bird song tweet requiem in d-minor, polyphonic tones carry on the wind. Warm rain falling. Steam. Lyrebirds mimic chainsaws while Bower birds collect and angle sinews of iridescent cabling building the form of an ancient child’s body. Sign a snake gets trapped in an endless loop of its own skin after shedding. Soft-bodied legless larva are downloaded, they slither beneath the old baby’s flesh. Leeches placed on the nervous system gently animate this lobotomized vessel. The Iris dilates red, timelines streaming abject horror punctuated by glistening moments of poetry. Its soft bony hands begin to scratch at the earth at the base of a tree, a pulsing heart is lifted from its base.”
-Justin Shoulder

About the Artist
Justin Shoulder is an artist working in performance, sculpture, video and nightlife/community events production. His main body of work the 'Fantastic Creatures’ are invented alter-personas based on queered ancestral mythologies. These creatures are embodied through hand crafted costumes and prosthesis and animated by their own gestural languages. Shoulder uses his body and craft to forge connections between queer, migrant, spiritual and intercultural experiences.
He has performed and exhibited internationally, recent highlights include: The River Eats at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Asia Pacific Triennial at QUEENSLAND ART GALLERY | GALLERY OF MODERN ART, Brisbane and the annual costume ball he co-produces Monsta Gras at the Red Rattler Sydney.

Image: Justin Shoulder, Carrion, 2016, performance, photograph: Alex Davies

image for Booked out: Justin Shoulder

– When

11 August 2016, 6:30-7:15pm

– Admission

This event has finished.

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