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23 Aug - 19 Nov

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25 Aug, 1.00pm, Level 3: National Centre for Creative Learning

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Claudia Nicholson's ARTBAR of love and devotion

July’s ARTBAR will see the MCA turned into an elaborate quinceañera by this month’s curator, Claudia Nicholson. more

#ConversationStarters: Have you ever made a decision based on fear?

We held a new program of art and ideas, Conversation Starters, in June to promote an open conversation with questions that define our global situation. more

#ConversationStarters: What are you afraid of for the future?

We held a new program of art and ideas, Conversation Starters, in June to promote an open conversation with questions that define our global situation. more

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Discover Primavera 2016 : Biljana Jancic

Biljana Jancic

Sensory System

Through our sensory system we feel meaning in our world. Unlike our respiratory system, which is essential to survival, our sensory system is essential to being. The sensory system is a transducer that filters and relays information from the world outside to the mind inside. It is a distributed notion of the brain, with nerves and receptors constantly receiving information, passing energetically along our neural pathways and into our sensory cortex, without our conscious awareness. Biljana’s work guides the viewer with its resplendence. This work both projects and reflects, bouncing content back to the viewer, handing back agency where the viewer had hoped for seduction.

Artist bio

Born 1984, Osijek, Croatia. Lives and works Sydney

Croatian-born and now Sydney based artist Biljana Jancic completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2007 and PhD in 2013, both at Sydney College of the Arts. For the past decade Jancic has been exhibiting in galleries across Australia and internationally including Through Space, 55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 AU, Sydney, 2014; Contra, First Draft, Sydney, 2014, and; Opposed, The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Newcastle, 2013. Group Shows include An Imprecise Science, Artspace, Sydney, 2015; Kaleidorama, Stills Gallery, Sydney, 2015; Television, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney, 2014; Conquest of Space, COFA Galleries, 2014 and; I Want to Change the World, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China, Sydney, 2014. Jancic’s art making practice is supported by her critical writing and curatorial practice.

blue lights and silver vinyl on the floor in angular shapes

Biljana Jancic A Beach (Beneath) 2016, installation view, Primavera 2016: Young Australian Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2016, silver tape, projections, image courtesy and © the artist, photograph: Christopher Snee