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Primavera 2017

23 Aug - 19 Nov


Hilarie Mais

23 Aug - 19 Nov

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MCA Collection: Today Tomorrow Yesterday

01 Sep - 31 Dec

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Art Safari

25 Aug, 1.00pm, Level 3: National Centre for Creative Learning

Special Event

ARTBAR August 2017

25 Aug, 7.00pm, MCA



23 Sep, 2.00pm, Level 2: Veolia Lecture Theatre

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Claudia Nicholson's ARTBAR of love and devotion

July’s ARTBAR will see the MCA turned into an elaborate quinceañera by this month’s curator, Claudia Nicholson. more

#ConversationStarters: Have you ever made a decision based on fear?

We held a new program of art and ideas, Conversation Starters, in June to promote an open conversation with questions that define our global situation. more

#ConversationStarters: What are you afraid of for the future?

We held a new program of art and ideas, Conversation Starters, in June to promote an open conversation with questions that define our global situation. more

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Discover Primavera 2016 – Young Australian Artists

Imagine that the ‘brain’ is distributed throughout the body, spreading across its various systems.

Imagine brain functions that nestle in our neural pathways and in our sensorimotor capacities, that thread down our spines, or pump stress hormones through our endocrine system.

Primavera 2016 proposes just this.

Drawing on the rapidly expanding field of cognitive science known as embodied cognition, which posits that the creation of knowledge might first begin in the body, rather than in the brain, the works in this exhibition occupy the threshold between the body and the outside world. Situated on this threshold, each of the works provides opportunities for the artwork to communicate directly with the viewer’s body.

Imagine that our brain is dispersed and alive within and throughout the flesh and sinew of our body.

Primavera 2016 Curator, Emily Cormack
Here you can watch, listen and read more about the Primavera 2016 artists and how their works become, embody or challenge these ideas.

Watch our interview with Curator Emily Cormack

Listen to the artists and curator in conversation

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The text on these pages is taken from Primavera 2016 catalogue. Get your copy from the MCA Store during your visit or online at MCA Store.

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Steven Cybulka

Steven Cybulka has created a vast architectural intervention, serving as the ‘skeleton’ for the exhibition.

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Pia van Gelder

Pia van Gelder harnesses the innate capacity of the human body to conduct energy through contact.

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Biljana Jancic

Biljana Jancic’s work floods a hidden corner with silver plains of vinyl tape, reflecting the blue of a vacant projection screen as well as viewers’ movements through the space.

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Ruth McConchie

Ruth McConchie is creating a new world to be encountered through a virtual reality headset.

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Adelle Mills

Adelle Mills’ work will feature on four large screens, creating unconscious connections between the body of the viewer and that of the performer on screen.

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Mira Oosterweghel

Mira Oosterweghel’s sculptural forms will traverse the upper reaches of the gallery space, signifiers of human activity, threatening and fearful, within the tamed space of the gallery space.

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Emily Parsons-Lord

Emily Parsons-Lord has created an air compound that estimates the quality of air from the greatest extinction event in earth’s history.

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Danae Valenza

The viewer’s movement will be tracked by Danae Valenza’s neon and sound work, swelling to greet them and diminishing as they pass.

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