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Born 1973, Te Awamutu, New Zealand. Lives and works Sydney

Hayden Fowler’s Dark Ecology invites us to consider how our relationship with the natural world is changing, through an increased ability to alter our environment and through the threat of ecological catastrophe.
Visitors can enter the large plastic-covered biodome to view the artificial landscape inside. Over the course of the exhibition the artist and other invited guests occupy the dome intermittently tending and maintaining its delicate ecosystem. Security cameras installed in the dome’s roof are connected to monitors inside the MCA Circular Quay foyer revealing further details of the simulated world to visitors.

The internal environment of the biodome is designed to satisfy human aesthetic preferences for landscape. However, the enclosed ‘overcast’ grey of the plastic shell, humid atmosphere, smells, white noise of the fans and water pumps, dead remnant tree and infused artifice is intended to create an unsettling pathos that shifts between beauty and the apocalyptic.

Hayden Fowler, Dark Ecology artist statement

Hayden Fowler <i>Dark Ecology</i>  2015/2016

Hayden Fowler
Dark Ecology 2015/2016
mixed media, CCTV cameras, 4-channel video, monitor

Courtesy the artist

Curator Anna Davis on Hayden Fowler

The suggestively tenuous survival of life within the dome is intended as a metaphor for much wider environmental concerns. The work is designed to be emotionally evocative and question the audience around the contentious existence and definition of ‘nature’. In doing so it draws on a number of aesthetic and conceptual references including romanticism, science fiction, apocalyptic literature and film narratives, climate change and extinction discourse, the zoo exhibit and utopian yearnings for a ‘return to nature’.

Hayden Fowler, Dark Ecology artist statement