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Pipilotti Rist: Sip my ocean

01 Nov - 18 Feb


Jon Campbell: MCA Collection

04 Dec - 25 Feb


Word: MCA Collection

04 Dec - 18 Feb

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Art + Film

13 Jan, 2.00pm, Level 2: Veolia Lecture Theatre


ARTBAR January 2018

19 Jan, 7.00pm, Throughout the MCA


Contemporary Kids School Holiday Program

23 Jan, 10.30am, Level 3: National Centre for Creative Learning

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Discover New Romance

30 June – 4 September 2016

New Romance: art and the posthuman brings together 18 artists from Australia and Korea whose works encourage us to ask what it means to be human today, and what it might mean in the future. Drawing inspiration from science fiction, robotics, biotechnology, consumer products and social media, they offer experiences that raise questions around the idea of the posthuman; a concept that signals new understandings of humanity and a breakdown of boundaries between what we think of as natural and artificial.

The artists also reflect on issues such as hybridisation, hyper-consumerism and alternative futures; inviting us to consider how our relationship with the natural world is changing, through our increased ability to alter our environment and through the threat of ecological apocalypse. Several of the artists take on the role of inventor or even mad scientist; experimenting with living organisms, building strange machines and constructing artificial worlds. Some investigate how our emotions are triggered when interacting with objects, while others try to see the world from a nonhuman perspective. Raising more questions than answers, their curious and inventive works make us wonder what the future may hold.

Artists: Rebecca Baumann, Ian Burns, Hayden Fowler, Siyon Jin, Airan Kang, Sanghyun Lee, Soyo Lee, Wade Marynowsky, Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho, Patricia Piccinini & Peter Hennessey, Kibong Rhee, Justin Shoulder, Giselle Stanborough, Stelarc & Nina Sellars, Wonbin Yang

Artists Siyon Jin, Soyo Lee, Giselle Stanborough, Justin Shoulder and Stelarc are presenting a range of live events and performances as part of the exhibition.

Curators: Anna Davis (MCA) & Houngcheol Choi (MMCA)

This exhibition is accompanied by a publication available from the MCA Store on level 1

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New Romance Public Programs and Events

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New Romance-inspired Korean menu at MCA Café

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Rebecca Baumann’s kinetic sculptural installation Manoeuvres (2015) consists of 15 electromagnetic flip-dot signs, the kind often used on sports scoreboards, that are programmed to create what she describes as ‘chromatic narrative’.

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Ian Burns’ artworks reimagine the consumer technologies that now define many human activities. In his kinetic sculpture Circle (2016) two inflated latex gloves levitate around a ring of fans that are programmed to turn on and off in sequence.

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Hayden Fowler’s artwork Dark Ecology (2015/2016) installed on the MCA forecourt invites us to consider how our relationship with nature is changing, through an increased ability to alter our environment and through the threat of ecological apocalypse.

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Siyon JIN

In New Forms (2016) Siyon Jin was inspired by city-dwellers and how they communicate using vast digital social networks, visualising them as ‘entities of light’ forming glowing, multi-coloured trails that stream through physical and virtual space.

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Airan KANG

Airan Kang’s Digital Book Project (2016) examines the book as a symbol of human knowledge and its significance as a portal for information both as a physical object and in virtual space.

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Sanghyun LEE

Sanghyun Lee digitally manipulates historical Korean paintings set in North Korea blending layers of history and fiction, past, present and future to examine the hyper-materialism he believes is taking over contemporary Korean society.

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Soyo LEE

For New Romance, artist Soyo Lee presents a series of cactus-grafting workshops that explore the history of the moon cactus, a strange mutant plant that cannot photosynthesise on its own and has to be joined to another plant in order to survive.

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Moonwalker (2016) is a robotic sculpture that reflects on pop cultural notions of moonwalking and the idea of being in two places at once. Its movements are designed to recall Michael Jackson’s famous dance move and astronauts on walking the moon.

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MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho

In the video installation EL FIN DEL MUNDO (2012) (which translates as THE END OF THE WORLD) Moon & Jeon reflect on ‘the social function and role of contemporary art’ in a future in which they argue ‘major climate change will endanger human survival’.

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Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey’s installation imagines a world where genetic modification technologies are easily accessible, allowing people to create hybrid creatures that combine parts of humans, animals, plants and non-living things.

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Kibong RHEE

Kibong Rhee’s kinetic sculpture intertwines the human act of writing with the environmental phenomenon of falling snow. During the exhibition an artificial arm slowly covers the back of two glass panels in small white circles creating a field of thickening ‘snow’.

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Justin Shoulder’s work emerges from a history of queer performance that evolved in Sydney’s nightclub scene from the 1970s. He describes it as a ‘queer ecosystem’ populated by ‘Fantastic Creatures’ that exist in an ‘open-source, techno-media space’.

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Giselle Stanborough’s multi-platform artwork is based around a fictional match-making service and explores ‘the quantification of love in the digital age’. It includes interventions in the MCA’s digital infrastructure, a product launch and a conference.

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Blender is a collaborative artwork by Stelarc & Nina Sellars that combines sterilised bodily material surgically extracted from the two artists inside a sealed, air-powered machine. It raises questions about the use of human bodies in a medical context.

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Wonbin YANG

Wonbin Yang’s insect-like robots, made from urban waste and small mechanical parts, roam around their environment like living creatures, a metaphor for Yan’s idea of the contemporary city as a ‘primordial soup’, capable of generating new forms of life.

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This exhibition is a partnership between the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Korea.
New Romance: art and the posthuman was shown at MMCA in Seoul 22 September 2015 – 24 January 2016

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