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Blog – Fairfield Eating Excursion

Posted on Oct. 4, 2016 by Claire Hastwell in Artist and curator Interviews.
On Friday 7 and Saturday 8 October (6–9.30pm), the communities of Fairfield and beyond are invited to experience live performances and art installations taking place on the streets of Fairfield, Sydney in a twilight art walk called Women of Fairfield. This event is part of the MCA’s C3West program.
Women of Fairfield co-curator and Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT) Artistic Director, Karen Therese has spent a lot of time working (and eating!) in the local area. Here she shares what culinary gems she has discovered.

I don’t in any way claim to be an expert on international food, but I’ve been working in Fairfield now for 3 years and I love it. In Fairfield there are over 142 different nationalities, which means incredible places to eat. The food, the grocers, restaurants and bakeries have become a big part of our working lives, and here at PYT I get the opportunity to combine my love of food with art.

Visiting Fairfield’s amazing food scene is the best way to connect with the local art and cultural scene and will be a fun and critical part of your experience during Women of Fairfield.

Important things to remember when you go:

#1 Best to carry cash with you as many places do not take cards of any sort, and you’ll find a lot of things you can purchase for under $2, $5 and $10.

#2 Some places you will find do not speak English, so enjoy the warm reception you will get, but don’t let the language barrier stop you from asking questions.

#3 Stay away from the pubs, not much fun, Green Peppercorn or Frank’s are the Fairfield nighttime hotspots.

Here are my top picks on Kaz’s Fairfield food safari:
Frank’s Lebanese

16 Smart St, Fairfield NSW
PYT’s second home. This is not to be missed. It’s now the reason why many artists visit Fairfield. It’s amazing very traditional Lebanese food, different from what you would get in the city, it also serves some traditional Iraqi dishes.
Order the Cheese Sambusek and vine leaves for entree, for mains order the Sheik El Mehshey (heaven), the vegetarian platter or chicken platter. Frank’s is famous for their Lebanese chicken with garlic toum, which is a creamy garlic sauce with dips. And order the Fatoush salad. The fish here is also superb. For desert you HAVE TO TRY a Knafeh. Frank’s is one of the only restaurants in Sydney who serve this traditional desert of baked cheese and sugar syrup. Do it. For vegans and vegetarians Franks is also very good with lots of options to choose from.

Aldhiaffah Al iraqi

13 The Crescent, Fairfield NSW
Australia’s first ever Iraqi Restaurant, best to be experienced with a group of friends. This restaurant offers a very warm Iraqi experience. Iraqis are just genuinely super lovely and generous people, so get ready to eat! Order the roasted lamb with Fasolia and the BBQ Barramundi fish. The hummus here is to-die-for. Order a few side salads, too. It’s traditional to always ask for an Iraqi tea at the end of the meal. If they are not busy, ask to peek into their Iraqi kitchen.

Fairfield Chase food court

25 Smart St
Forget the idea of Westfield food courts loaded up with KFC’s and Maccas, Fairfield Chase food stalls have local women running traditional kitchens here. Think of having lunch at somebody’s mum’s house. The best Vietnamese around is with the ladies at Pho Vietnamese Food. Opposite, in celebration of Claudia Nicholson’s work, is Estella’s South American Flavour. Here, buy $4 Empanadas and check out her super authentic South American menu. The food has got that mothers touch, it’s all just delicious.

Also in the Chase is Grandpa’s Nuts – this is my favourite ever grocer. Do not leave Fairfield without a visit to Grandpas Nuts. You kind of just have to go in and browse, it is the largest international grocer I’ve seen. I regularly grab some of the great olives and cheese, and have bought a box of chocolates from 12 different countries…

Our favourite local Cafe is Aladin Sweets. Sit and have a traditional Iraqi coffee or a 'speed ball’ as we fondly call it. This will help you lift out of the Fairfield food coma you will definitely acquire. With the coffee, order a Ladies Arms, because they are soft and scrumptious. This is of course not the traditional name, but you have to eat one.

For the best Loa and Thai in Sydney the award winning Green Peppercorn smashes apart anything you think is good on Kings Street in Newtown.
La Paula is quite an amazing 30 year old Chilean bakery, famous for its Dulce de leche – yummy thick caramel sauce. This shop is worth a visit for décor, too.

Each day at Afghani & Arabic Bakery they make 4,000 loaves of Afghan Persian Turkish Iraqi flat breads. It’s worth a trip to buy a loaf for $1 each, and check out the beautiful stone ovens.

Oh and don’t miss the art either, because that’s good too, but most of these places you can find within 1-5 minutes’ walk of all of the installations and performances of Women of Fairfield.
See you there!
Karen Therese

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