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Today, 7.00pm, Throughout the MCA


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ARTBAR January 2018

Today, 7.00pm, Throughout the MCA


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Blog – Everything I Touch Turns To...

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Bella Szukilojc in Artist and curator Interviews.

On Friday 29 April the Museum is set to be transformed into a sparkling spectacle for MCA ARTBAR GOLDEN HOUR curated by Sydney-based artist Kate Scardifield. Let’s all take a moment to get to know the artist who will wave over the Museum with an ethereal wand and dip the building in gold.

First off, we’ve been having a lot of fun with different ‘gold idioms’ e.g. Heart of gold, gold digger, worth one’s weight in gold… do you have a favourite?

Ooh, that’s a tough question. There are so many! ‘Good as gold’ would definitely be up there, but I think my favourite turn of phrase is describing a particularly wondrous place as a ‘gold mine’.

When I was younger I used to trawl second hand stores, op shops and markets with my sister. Even today we are both still very good at scavenging from council clean ups! Maggie and I were always searching for something, but also nothing in particular. Whenever we’d stumble across shiny trinkets in the rubbish or rubble it was like finding buried treasure– the ultimate gold mine!

Can you talk about why you have titled the event GOLDEN HOUR?

There are a couple of reasons. Gold is both a material and part of a broader symbolic language that I use in my work. It has some pretty potent associations to systems of value, trade and knowledge.

For this project I was thinking a lot about the idea of impermanence. ‘Golden Hour’ is a photographic and filmic reference to that brief time of perfect light at sunrise and sunset. It’s there for a moment, and then it’s gone. You have to be quick to catch it. ARTBAR is a one night only event at the MCA and I was thinking about how each performance, each work presented, exists as a fleeting gesture. Like a brief moment of perfect light.

As an inter-disciplinary artist whose works take the form of sculpture, installation, textiles, video and painting, what materials and mediums will you be using on the night?

The great thing about being asked to curate an ARTBAR at the MCA is that I’ve been able to step back from my usual role as an artist, making and exhibiting my own work. Instead, I’ve had the opportunity to approach some of the most interesting people from a range of creative backgrounds to take over the museum for this one night. I’m really excited to present such an incredible and diverse program of creative thinkers and makers for GOLDEN HOUR. The program includes artists as well as performers, designers, audio engineers, musicians, chefs and dancers.

What artists have you included in the line-up for GOLDEN HOUR?

There’s going to be some great things going on. Look out for works and performances by artists Rochelle Haley, Claudia Nicholson, Make or Break and Emily Parsons-Lord. There will be some amazing workshops with textile legend Alfalky and a special collaboration between Adriana Picker and Dr Cooper. Liam Bray will take you on an immersive audio-visual experience and Anna Robertson from YEVU is teaming up with some amazing Ghanaian video and sound artists.

Amrita Hepi will blow your mind with an incredible performance as well as some fun dance workshops. ACME chef Mitch Orr and Andrew Levins will do a live recording of their podcast The Mitchen with some special guests including Dan Hong, Pat Nourse, Mark Best and Lee Tran Lam. There’s rumors of a cook off. In between drinks, you can visit the speakeasy-cum-coffee apothecary for an Elixir rainbow tasting. Both the galleries and rooftop terrace will be vibing with music by Meg Clune, Angela Garrick and DJs Hubert Clarke Jr and the Jingle Jangle duo, Smokey La Beef and Smart Casual.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Like most artists, I find that inspiration comes from many places. I’m lucky to have wonderful artist friends who inspire me every day. My ALASKA Projects family and being part of broader creative community is very important to me.

Other things include reading and researching, going to see exhibitions and visiting old museum collections, traveling, walking, collecting materials, textiles and foraging for odd objects. Being in the studio is paramount, I need to get my hands on materials everyday in order to make things happen. Art making for me is all trial and error, but I love it that way. I often imagine my studio like a laboratory; it’s a space for experimenting, making patterns and hinging ideas together.

Explain what people can expect at MCA ARTBAR GOLDEN HOUR in one sentence

A range of sounds, incredible sights, fleeting performances…and some star gazing.

Step into MCA ARTBAR GOLDEN HOUR this Friday 29 April, 7–11pm. Get your tickets to ARTBAR here and join the Facebook event here.

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Kate Scardifield, 2015, photograph: Samuel Hodge

Kate Scardifield, 2015, photograph: Samuel Hodge

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