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Blog – MCA Kids Committee & Artist Educators In Conversation

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Amanda Palmer in Creative Learning.

Encouraging experimentation, imagination and collaboration, the April Junior Art School program has something to inspire all 5 – 12 year olds. From exDRAWdinary drawing to costume design, temporary botanic works to celestial stories, wonderful weaving and a gallery exploration with a twist, there’s oodles to do.

MCA Kids Committee members Sasha, Alesandro, Riley, Siobhan, Kayla & Max interviewed Brook Morgan, Ella Condon, Nicole Barakat & Jodie Whalan to learn more about the artists behind Junior Art School and their practice.


What inspired you to make art? (Sasha, 12 years old)

BM: Hi Sasha,
I have always loved playing and making things since I was very young. I particularly loved playing with things I found in the environment and using them in my games and creations. I still love playing with materials I find in nature and think of art as being a part of everyday and sometimes I still think of art as play just like when I was young.

EC: I have always loved the freedom in making art and the endless possibilities for creative expression.

NB: Hello Sasha, I have always loved to make things. Maybe it was because I was the youngest of four children and I was home alone a lot with my mum while my brother and sisters were at school. I had to entertain myself. I love being by myself when I make my art. I didn’t think I could ever be an artist. It wasn’t until I was older that I realised I could make art as a job. Art is my favourite thing in the whole wide world.

JW: When I was little, the thing I was good at the most was drawing. I carried this with my whole life …. And eventually led to art school and now being an artist.

Do you like drawing big paintings or small paintings and why? (Aleseandro, 7 years old)

BM: Hi Alesandro,
I don’t often make paintings with but I like the idea of making a really, really big painting. I make art from lots of different and sometimes strange materials such as horsehair, rust and peacock feathers. They can be sometimes be very small and sometimes very big. I often like to make large artworks that are made from lots of small pieces that I then put together.

EC: I love to make video and installation environments and work mostly in big spaces.

NB: Hello Alesandro, I like to make both big artworks and small artworks. It just depends on how much time I have to make them!

JW: I actually don’t paint any paintings. I’m an artist who makes performance, video and sculpture. I make really big work in these disciplines.

How many things can you draw in a day? (Riley, 6 years old)

BM: Hi Riley,
When I make drawings sometimes I like to draw very quickly and sometimes I like to take days and days just to make one. When I draw quickly I might make unexpected marks that look interesting and when I draw slowly I sometimes notice things that I would have not noticed before.

EC: I am often doodling and sketching ideas and thoughts on small bits of paper just for fractions of time to allow myself quiet moments where I am concentrating on just one thing.

NB: Hello Riley, it depends on how much time I put into my artworks. Sometimes I make artworks that have a lot of detail and take many, many days to finish. Other times, I make artworks that are simple and quick and I can make lots in one day!

JW: Great question! I can draw lots and lots of things in a day. Mostly small things.

What do you like to do most in art, e.g. sculptures, painting? (Dylan, 9 years old)

BM: Hi Dylan,
My favourite thing is discovering things in nature and making things from them. I like to arrange them in patterns and sort them into different shapes, colours and arrangements.

EC: I enjoy working across a wide range of materials. I really enjoy playing and experimenting with tactile materials and working with my hands.

NB: Hello Dylan, I like making artworks that are made with textiles like fabric and stitching but I also make artworks with paper. I enjoy many different types of artworks by other artists. Most of all, I like art that tells important and powerful stories about the world.

JW: I like performing and video most in art.

Where do you get your inspiration? (Siobhan, 9 years old)

BM: Hi Siobhan,
Lots of things make me feel inspired. I love using lots of different types of materials that I find in the environment and am often collecting things when I visit different places. I collect all sort of things such as rocks, red sand, feathers, interesting seeds and pods and even make art sometimes from flowers.

EC:I love looking at the night sky when im away from the city and seeing the stars. Im inspired when I go for bush walks – I grew up by the river and would sit on a big rock and absorb everything. I’m inspired by the unknown, and like to consider that which cannot be measured or recorded.

NB: Hello Siobhan, I get my inspiration from many different places. Sometimes it is the materials I am working with, other times it is other artists or writers and the work they make. Sometimes I am inspired by everyday people and the magnificent stories they have to tell.

JW: I get my inspiration from all the things we do in everyday life. The rituals, processes anything that lots of people do all the time.

Where is your favourite place to create art? (Kayla, 9 years old)

BM: I like to be outside in nature and enjoy collecting, arranging and sorting different things I find around me in the environment. I enjoy making outside and sometimes make things and leave them behind in the landscape. Sometimes I also like making inside my lounge room and make a big mess across the floor.

EC: In a very dark room, with lots of possibilities to reflect light onto walls and floors. My favourite space I created an artwork in was the mural darkroom which had huge big water tanks I could reflect images onto and bounce light from the floor and ceiling.

NB: Hello Kayla, I love making art in my studio, but sometimes when I am working late at night and it’s too cold to work in my studio, I like to make art in my lounge room, in front of the heater and a good film! I also like making art outside in the natural environment among the trees.

JW: My favourite place to create art is at home and in my studio. It’s important to have a place you can go to make art that can be private so you can concentrate.

What is your favourite colour and why? (Max, 4 years old)

BM: Ooh that’s a tricky one. I like different colours on different days. If the sun is shining I always try to wear a colour that makes me feel bright too. I love sorting things into the rainbow colours and even like to arrange my washing and pegs in the rainbow when I do the washing sometimes.

EC: I love reflective colours like silver, and layering various opaque colours together with reflective surfaces.

NB: Hi Max, I used to think that my favourite colour was red. I still do love red, but I think I have too many favourite colours now to just name one. I like colours that make me feel good and happy, like grassy green, mustard yellow, hot pink and sparkly gold!

JW: My favourite colour is a dark electric blue.


Got a question for Brook, Ella, Nicole and Jodie? Come along to Junior Art School with your curly questions ready! Book your place in Junior Art School today!

Special thanks to the MCA Kids Committee, Brook, Ella, Nicole & Jodie.

MCA Kids Committee, 2016. Photograph: Anna Kucera

MCA Kids Committee, 2016. Photograph: Anna Kucera

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