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Blog – Training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs

Posted on Dec. 2, 2015 by Ella Condon in Creative Learning.

The Artist Educator team has been working closely with Keith Munro, MCA Curator, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs and Nadeena Dixon, Lead Artist Educator, Indigenous Programs, to develop our learning programs focused on contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art practice, Ngamili, Gimabili (To see, to make) and Winangali (To hear, to know). Our recent training sessions led by Keith and Nadeena have been incredibly inspiring and enriching, involving weaving, singing, dancing.

Nadeena welcomes us, Warrame!
We begin at Brook Andrew’s Warrang and we speak in Gadigal language.
Naa, to see, Narra, listening/ to think
Neura country
Garragarang Sea country

Country is talking to us
Earth is our mother, a living being
We have to care for our mother
Life is connected to water

We follow hand gestures while speaking these words, grounded in sea country.
We then begin our journey across country, looking and listening as we venture up the stairs to Daniel Boyd’s commission for the MCA foyer wall.

Warrawal, stars (Darrug language)
We cover seasons, the ancestory of how the stars came to be, and look at the artwork as a kind of star map.
This map is vital for survival, it tells us when the flowers bloom we can go fishing.

We learn the gesture for stars, and dance our way as stars through country up to Level 2 to Manjabu, by Anchor Kalunba 1985 -1987.

We share stories of fishing, Nadeena tells of prawning on a full moon at midnight as a little girl.

We imagine what the trap could catch. Eels, yabbies, fish.

We gather in groups and enact a night out fishing. Some in the canoe rowing out, some with rods, some cut wood and create a fire, some catch pippis, and others enact the fish, swimming around the group.

Keith takes us to the bark paintings, and we look closely at the works from West Arnhem Land in the Bining Calendar. We look carefully, and spend time studying a work closely in groups. We identify the codes, and gather information on the season in which it may be referencing. An abundance of grasses and plants fruiting suggests Banggereng Harvest time.

Nadeena sits us back as a group to make our own Mugara – we choose from mullet, snapper and flathead and weave with yarn, raffia and wire the shape and patterns while sharing stories.

We end our journey with song and dance, and as a group are singing for days on end Taba Naba, (a traditional children’s song from the Torres Strait)with the help of Christine Anu and the Wiggles….. the hand actions catch on, and most of all, STYLE!

Educators with hands making kangaroo ears

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program training workshop for Artist Educators, 2015

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Ella Condon

Ella Condon works as Lead Artist Educator at the Museum of Contemporary Art. She holds a Master of Fine Art (Research) from Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University and Parsons, The New School of Design New York. Her practice is engaged with experimental and expanded forms of photography, video and installation. Her works have been shown in a range of locations including the Manhattan Bridge, Underbelly Arts Festival, Casula Powerhouse and Liverpool Street projections. http://ellacondon.com/

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