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Primavera 2016

29 Sep - 04 Dec


Louise Hearman

29 Sep - 04 Dec

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MCA Collection: Today Tomorrow Yesterday

01 Sep - 31 Aug

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Special Event

Learn and Grow

27 Oct, 2.00pm, Level 3: National Centre for Creative Learning

Special Event

ARTBAR October 2016

28 Oct, 7.00pm, MCA

25 Birthday Weekend

Artist Talk

11 Nov, 1.30pm, Level 2: Veolia Lecture Theatre

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Fairfield Eating Excursion

Women of Fairfield co-curator and PYT Artistic Director, Karen Therese takes us on a food safari through Fairfield, Sydney. more

Please Touch: Tactile Tours for Families

Artist Educator, Brook Morgan gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the development of this new program for families. more

Interview with September film curator Adrian Martin

James Vaughan speaks to Australian arts critic and audiovisual artist Adrian Martin about the month of contemporary Portuguese cinema he has guest curated for the MCA more

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The Program promotes Australian art globally, helping Australian artists reach new audiences.


One of the MCA’s key external programs, C3West is predicated on the belief that artists can bring unique value to situations beyond the gallery context. Through careful brokerage processes, C3West creates contexts in which artists work strategically with arts partners, businesses and non-arts government organisations across Greater Sydney. Since 2006 C3West has developed a range of partnerships with companies and communities in Penrith, Liverpool, Goulburn, Blacktown and Hurstville, aligning corporate social investment strategies with community development.

C3West places contemporary artists at the core of these projects – giving voice to local issues and collaborating with the business sector in new ways. Rather than passive sponsorship, our business partners work dynamically with us to define each project’s scope. Furthermore, the knowledge regarding key participant communities held by both arts and business partners constitute highly specialised bodies of research that are of great value to the commissioned artists.

C3West has established a leadership reputation for developing authentic and ethical partnerships with Western Sydney partners and communities, delivering uniquely creative and strategic outcomes.

Crown Resorts Foundation recently awarded C3West with substantial ongoing project funding until 2019, allowing C3West to plan with certainty for the medium to long-term. This unprecedented funding security represents a new stage for C3West, considerably expanding the capacity of the program to undertake projects of significant scope and scale.

Senior Curator, C3West Anne Loxley – c3west [at] mca.com.au

Women of Fairfield

7 – 8 October 2016

Women of Fairfield increases the visibility of the experiences of women living in and around the city of Fairfield.

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Food Fight: The Battle For Food Security

APRIL 2016

This major artist-led project raised awareness of and stimulated conversations about a hidden issue: food security and access to affordable, fresh and nutritious food.

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Blacktown Native Institution Project

Nov 2014 – 2015

Over three events on the site of the historic Blacktown Native Institution, Aboriginal artists, community members and leaders across a number of fields, came together to develop a vision for the future, share and collect stories, and create new artworks.

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Civic Actions: Artists' practices beyond the museum

10 – 12 Sept 2015

Civic Actions: Artists’ Practices Beyond the Museum focused on the intersection of social and public projects, and the possibilities of art practice in public space.

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Heather & Ivan Morison: Sleepers Awake

17 – 26 May 2014

For nine nights this luminous sculpture rose over Bungarribee. Accompanied by a community performance festival, Sleepers Awake signalled the transformation of a vacant site in the Blacktown area of the Western Sydney Parklands.

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Michel Tuffery: Transforma

22 Feb – 12 Apr 2014

Transforma was a seven week residency by New Zealand-based artist Michel Tuffery. Located in Airds in South Western Sydney, Transforma aimed to raise local awareness of the links between river health and behaviours such as arson, dumping...

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Lara Thoms: Ultimate Vision - Monuments to Us

Oct 2012 – Apr 2013

Ultimate Vision embodied the vocabulary of retail marketing, within the shopping centre, as a means of offering an alternative perspective – one with a strong focus on the local youth.

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Garry Trinh: Within Walking Distance

29 Oct 2012 – 10 Jan 2013

Garry Trinh spent two months walking the 27-kilometre expanse of the Western Sydney Parklands, photographing the sights along the way. From these images, 15 were selected to be presented on billboards within the Parklands.

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Campement Urbain: The Future of Penrith/ Penrith of the Future

Oct 2011

After a 12-month period of community consultation and collaboration, the internationally renowned art collective Campement Urbain unveiled its vision for a Penrith of the future.

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Angelica Mesiti: The Begin-Again

1 – 2 Apr 2011

Mesiti’s night time art walk included four site-specific video installations and a live performance that transformed the stories of Hurstville, its residents’ concerns and anxieties into a celebration.

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Jeanne van Heeswijk: Talking Trash – personal relationships with waste

Apr 2010

Dutch artist van Heeswijk’s project, made in collaboration with artist Paul Sixta and the communities of Goulburn and Liverpool, looked at the different ways people try to end their relationship with wasting.

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Sylvie Blocher: What is Missing?

Feb – Apr 2010

What is Missing? focused on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the Penrith community by interviewing volunteers from the area, exploring a range of themes from cultural identity and migration to issues of authority, masculinity and self-expression.

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Ash Keating: Activate 2750

10 Feb – 7 Mar 2009

Activate 2750 set out to raise awareness about our relationship to the production and consumption of waste. Keating reused dumped waste at SITA’s Davis Road Transfer Station to create a series of performative sculptures.

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Craig Walsh: Heads Up

4 Sep – 19 Oct 2008

Heads Up explored the communal value of rugby league through a series of photographic portraits. The project was the result of a residency and collaboration with renowned football club Penrith Panthers and represented the first C3West project in a...

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Campement Urbain: The Future of Panthers/ Panthers of the Future

Jul 2008

This project aimed to position the Panthers not only as a sports club, but as a place where people can dream and aspire to better living conditions, create bonds, and perform new activities that would be unique throughout the whole of Australia.

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Hossein and Angela Valamanesh: Pat's Garden

Oct 2007

As the first C3West project, Pat’s Garden saw artists Hossein and Angela Valamanesh develop a lyrical and touching project that remembered the lives of a group of patients at Hammond Care.

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