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Jon Campbell
Shit Yeah — Jon Campbell rocks the MCA

Fri 26 Nov 2012

The last MCA ARTBAR of the year was aptly titled Shit Yeah — Jon Campbell rocks the MCA. Melbourne based Campbell used satire, a wry Australian vernacular and plain old rock’n’roll to serenade Sydneysiders into summer.

Featuring sounds on the terrace by DJ duo ‘Dads with Earrings’, acoustic performances, lectures by the artist and friends, gallery tours with a twist and an elevator performance by Peter Oxley of 80’s pop-rock sensation ‘The Sunnyboys’ we surely ended the year with a bang.

Jon exhibited at MCA in 2009 and returned in 2012 to Sydney specifically forARTBAR, to which we said ‘Shit Yeah’.

Images: Catherine McElhone

Dead or Alive

Fri 26 Oct 2012

Artist Nell took us to grave new heights with October’s MCA ARTBAR which coincided with Halloween, loosely themed Dead or Alive.
In domestic inspired boudoirs, private view areas, lectures on Nose to Tail consumption, plenty of live music from White Knuckle Fever and some of The Mumps and a dance lesson on the sculpture terrace by Swingin’ Kitten, Nell wove a cobweb of influences from fashion to free-association, intimacy to impermanence, ethics to excitement and karma to craziness into her uniquely chilling and spine tingling effigy to life ‘n’ death. T-Shirts made with label ‘Romance Was Born’ were worn by our very own Visitor Services Officers and sold through the MCA Store.

Richards Larter’s racy work played in a sealed off room, Kylie Kwong introduced and later wrapped a pig in a dissection lecture Q & A and the MCA was filled with ghosts, Dracula, a giant fly and party monsters. Even a meat raffle – but not as you know it.

Images: Catherine McElhone

Daniel Boyd
Up in Smoke Tour

Fri 28 Sep 2012

September was dubbed the Up in Smoke Tour by artist Daniel Boyd.
Daniel took us on a musical and informative journey into a modern-day interpretation of the enlightenment era, with DJs Captain Franco and Elston and, later in the evening, The Canyons playing a retrospective sound odyssey that excited all.

With video works by Daniel projected across the sculpture terrace surfaces, a room of Daniels re-imagining of film Les statues meurent aussi a discussion titled 'When I die bury me inside the Gucci store, I don’t want to end up in a Museum’ with the artist and Djon Mundine, Matt Poll and John von Sturmer, performance in the gallery by Tony Albert working with collection artist Vernon Ah Kee to transform his portraits, decommissioned skull boxes from the Natural History Museum London, Tracey Moffatt’s Other immersing guests in the seminar room and DJ set by friends of the artist Canyons.

Images: James Brown

Shaun Gladwell

Fri 31 Aug 2012

From Sydney to London, and back for a short time only, guests joined Shaun Gladwell in his digital and retrospective performance landscapes on August 31 2012.
Gladwell took charge of the wheel and delivered a special high octane edition ARTBAR, making unique changes to the MCA Collection galleries.

Lectures in 'How to Drop Freud into a Conversation at an Opening’, finger boarding workshops, interceptors from cult film Mad Max, an appearance from recently departed rapper MCA, guards patrolling crowds and gallery work, bikes in the gallery spaces, DJ sets by Slow Blow and live music from Toy Death, the night was well and truly stimulating.

Taking over the entire wing the event included the opportunity to view the new selection of works in Volume One: MCA Collection on Level 2.

Images: Catherine McElhone

Jess Olivieri

Fri 27 Jul 2012

Nodding cheekily to the 18th Biennale of Sydney: all our relations, Jess Olivieri invited guests to join her and her artistic ‘relatives’ on Friday 27 July 2012.

Showcasing new work by Wrong Solo and featuring a karaoke massage there was plenty of touching family moments to share throughout the night.

Sarah Rodigari appeared through her totemic representative goat, David Capra delighted in a white ‘onesie’-inspired outfit and kicked off the night with an oversized hello, accompanied by the sounds of the Aurora Australia Choir singing Hello to arriving patrons.

Guests brought clothes that required a mend, as Jess’ Mum stepped into Lee Mingwei’s shoes for the night. She bonded through the act of mending and conversation.
The event took over the entire wing and included the opportunity to view the Biennale spaces on Levels 1 and 3.

Images: David Cheng

Eddie Sharp

Fri 29 Jun 2012

Guests were invited to step into Eddie Sharp’s ARTBAR (and mind) on Friday 29 June.
They discovered the inspirations of Eddie and his collaborators as they combined talents and turned the MCA into their own lurid video candy land.

David Harris AKA DJ Toecutter came all the way from Pony Land to manipulate sound into something close to dance music (which even had our director Liz Ann dancing) and, there were projections exploring vomit in cinema, John Kilduff’s multi-tasking master class streamed live from Los Angeles from his treadmill, pinball pianolas, blue screen lounges VJ’d by Tully Arnot and DJ sets by artist Dara Gill. Lectures included Simon Hunt’s Doppelganger − 'Being Pauline Hanson’ about his rise to fame as Pauline Pantsdown and 60’s 3D cinema, with Eddie himself lecturing on the history of 3D.

Plus, guests had the opportunity to be among the first to enjoy the 18th Biennale of Sydney on Levels 1 and 3 just days after it opened at the MCA.

Images: Catherine McElhone

Justene Williams

Fri 25 May 2012

Taking over the last Friday of each month, we prepared to offer a new gallery experience and inspire Sydney as the MCA ARTBAR − curated by artists was born.
Drawing inspiration from Volume One: MCA Collection, the first ARTBAR kicked off on 25 May 2012 with Sydney-based photographer and video artist Justene Williams, whose Crutch Dance (2011) television installation was on display in the MCA’s Level 1 South Gallery.
The ARTBAR launch was also held on the same day as Vivid Sydney’s opening night, so guests were among the first to experience this novel gathering and get the best view of Vivid’s light installations.

ARTBAR launched by taking the gallery experience and flipping it on its head through art, music, design and performance. Guests were invited to drink, dare, discover and be driven wild with artistic excitement. Each event was revealed as a unique and vastly different experience from the last and ARTBAR’s tagline was born − It’s art but not as you know it.

With an awesome line up of DJ’s − Charlie Chux (Abercrombie) Perfect Snatch (Gay Bash, Shameless) Touch Sensitive (Van She) Tyson Koh (Loose Joints FBI & Clambake) – no one left heavy hearted.

There was a poetic Sydney bridge, free hot shaves for all, a view of the Vivid light show which Justene worked on with will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas for Vivid AND karaoke with consequences which streamed surreptitiously upstairs to screens on the dance floor.

It was an epic launch to the series and MCA and Audi began the journey with a sold out event and new and returning visitors of the MCA.

Images: Catherine McElhone