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30 Jan 2015 - 30 Jan 2016



Taking it all away: MCA Collection

Taking it all away presents works drawn from the Museum of Contemporary Art Collection that explore the different effects of erasure, abstraction and the social impact of art.

18 Dec
22 Feb



In MY FELLOW AUS-TRA-ALIENS, the MCA presents artworks ranging across over four decades of influential Victorian-based artist Aleks Danko’s long career, from his early exhibitions in Adelaide in the late 1960s through to his recent large-scale installations.

30 Jul
18 Oct


Light Show

The record breaking Light Show from the Hayward Gallery features more than 20 installations and sculptures by international artists from the 1960s to the present.

16 Apr
05 Jul


Chuck Close
– Prints, Process and Collaboration

Portraits from one of America’s best-loved visual artists are coming to Sydney this summer, as part of the Sydney International Art Series.

20 Nov
15 Mar


Energies: Haines and Hinterding

Australian artists David Haines and Joyce Hinterding live and work in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Their collaborative practice incorporates experimental and traditional media to investigate Hinterding’s fascination with energetic forces and Haines’ attraction to the intersection of hallucination and the environment.

25 Jun
06 Sep


Luminous: MCA Collection

Luminous includes shooting star spirits, geometric patterns of light and dark dancing on walls, ambient environments and infinity windows carved into architectural space.

09 Mar
08 Jun


Primavera 2015: Young Australian Artists

Primavera is an annual exhibition of young Australian artists aged 35 and under.

22 Sep
06 Dec

Mca Collection

Volume One: MCA Collection

Discover work by more than 130 Australian artists when the MCA presents Volume One: MCA Collection.



Matthys Gerber

Sydney artist Matthys Gerber is a deft painter who deliberately makes work in an array of contrasting styles.

24 Sep
06 Dec

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