Visiting tips for families

The Museum of Contemporary Art provides a treasure trove of art-inspired experiences and adventures for kids and their families. Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your visit.

  • Quality not quantity – you don’t have to do it all in one visit. Use this website to find out what might interest your little companions.
  • Pick up a Sketch or Kids Adventure Trail at the Information Desk on your way in. Kids love this free guide book designed just for them by contemporary artists. Follow them as they lead you around the gallery, drawing, writing, and learning interesting facts about the artists and artworks on exhibition.
  • Take lots of breaks – head to the MCA Cafe for refreshments, or head outside to the front lawn for some fresh air and space to run around. Try to aim for no more than an hour at any one time.
  • Capture your fun day out with a snap outside the front of the MCA. We regret that photography is not permitted in the galleries.
  • Make it fun! You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the art or talk about it. For some ideas and inspiration, see our tips for looking together below.
  • Ask us – our Visitor Services Officers are happy to answer any of your questions. Look for them in denim jackets and ‘ask me’ badge.

Tips for looking together

  • Ask questions while you are looking at the artworks: What do you see? What is the artwork made of? Who made the artwork?
  • See if together you can name colours, describe textures, or list materials that the artist has used.
  • “I Spy” is a fun game to identify shapes, colours, and objects.
  • Encourage your children to use their imaginations. What would you see, smell, or hear if you were inside the artwork?
  • Bring paper and a pencil and sketch in the galleries. You might also encourage them to write a story, poem, description, or dialogue inspired by the work of art. Or when you get home, draw a picture of their favourite part of the visit.

Where to find…

Toilets & baby changing facilities
Toilets are located on Level 1 behind the lifts and on Level 4 next to the lifts. A baby change table is located in the accessible toilet located on Level 1, behind the lifts.

Cloak room & stroller parking
Park your stroller and check in any large, oversized bags at the cloak room on level 1, subject to space availability.

Water fountain
A water fountain is located near the main bathrooms on Level 1, behind the lifts.

Eat and drink
The MCA Café offers a range of menu options suitable for children. If you would like to enjoy a picnic, the MCA front lawn is a great spot to unroll a rug and enjoy a sandwich while taking advantage of the beautiful harbour views.

Level Access
You can access the MCA via the Circular Quay (ramped entry) or the Level 2 George Street entrance.

The MCA Store stocks a wide range of products for children, including books, pens, games and clothing.

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