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News – How to dress Art Eclectic for MCA SOCIAL

Posted on July 17, 2014 in Events.

On Sat 26 Jul, MCA Young Ambassadors will host #MCASOCIAL – our Primavera fundraiser bash. This glossy but welcoming night is license to frock up in fabulous ‘art eclectic’ style. Aileen, our Front of House Team Leader shares a how-to guide for dressing ‘artfully eclectic’:

The 'Artfully Eclectics’ are defined by a sense of fearlessness. They are creative beyond measure, and travel against the current to find and create their own truth. With only 20 days to go until the big night, you may be wondering how you can integrate the theme into your own chosen getup.

The Artists
To take the term artfully eclectic to its purest form we can turn to trailblazers such as Frida Kahlo and Picasso. Both artists have transcended their work to become iconic images in their own right. Take a cue from Frida, a crown of roses, or even a subtle monobrow or moustache, for the ladies or gentlemen! Picasso was a man filled with passion, and surrounded himself with beautiful women, wine and politics, but who could forget his iconic bald head and Breton shirt?
Or we could move beyond the artists, and look toward the artworks themselves for inspiration. Who hasn’t wanted to walk around with an apple obscuring their perfectly groomed face, a la “The son of man” by Rene Magritte? Or drape themselves in a flowing red gown like Marina Abramović did during her seminal work “The artist is present?”

Fashion Darlings
This is where it gets plentiful in examples of artfully eclectic, those who create the avant-garde designs, and those who wear them have throughout history shown us how clothing and design can create a fantastical world amongst the everyday.
Daphne Guinness has been described as “no longer a person, but a concept.” Daphne Guinness has the perfect combination of having a fortune behind her, and an absolute sartorial fearlessness, anyone who successfully walked in Alexander McQueen’s armadillo shoes deserves a medal.
Karl Largerfield: Now let me be clear, I mean old school King Karl, the slightly chubby, smiling Karl, who carried a fan with him everywhere. Karl has always rocked the black pants, black jacket, and super starched high white collar, but these days the fan has been replaced with a tiny white kitten, and the smile with a scowl. Bring back chubby Karl! Ok, let’s keep the white kitten.

How do you know you have achieved icon status? A colour is named after you, and it actually eclipses the fame of its inspiration. Elsa Schiaparelli is not as well-known as her contemporary Chanel, but she was making lobster dresses for royalty, long before Lady Gaga was doing it. She loved the colour shocking pink, draping herself it in from head to toe, this takes colour blocking to a whole new level!

Music Warriors
Music and art have always been bedfellows, strange and otherwise. One has always influenced the other, and trailblazing collaborations have provided us with many magical moments over time. Beyoncé, and Elie Saab, Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier, Bob Mackie and Cher, the lists are endless! We have a cornucopia of examples to choose from for our MCA Social night, as subtle as a sequinned bodysuit or mask, to a large headpiece or even a dress created to look like a swan, complete with egg, paying homage to the one and only Bjork.

The works around us are filled with inspiration to be artfully eclectic; we spend most of our lives striving to look good, be professional, feel stylish, let’s do all of this but add fabulousness!

Get ‘artfully eclectic’ at our party for art on Sat Jul 26. Tickets