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Special Event

– 28 February 2014

Curated by Chicks on Speed


The unstoppable Chicks on Speed (Melissa Logan & Alex Murray-Leslie, joined by Melbourne electro drummer Erica Lewis) go full-throttle with MCA ARTBAR driven by Audi to present JAM-arrama. Artists, interactive music technicians, composers and performers collide after dark to jam at the MCA.

Join the ride for new musical experiences with robots, motion controlled sensor performances plus more art and super technology goodness.

Kaffe Matthews, Guy Ben-Ari from SymbioticA, Andrew Bluff, Tina Havlock Stevens, Kingpins, the Lycra Ladies, Bert Bongers, Creativity and Cognition Studios, Andrew Johnston, Alexandra Murray-Leslie / Sam Ferguson, Mary Mainsbridge, Ernest Edmonds,Dolci & Kabana, Jon Drummond, Donna Hewitt, Alon Ilsar, Linda Walsh, Jaan Von Rochow, Jonathon Miller and more, bring technology, people and music together in an explosion of movement, colour and sound.

Interact with the Reactable from Björk’s 2007 world tour, test the prototype of Chicks on Speed’s soon to be released musical instrument app and hear samples of work from their upcoming album Utopia.

See the Sydney premier of Elektro Moskva a documentary film on Russian pioneering inventions of new electronic music instruments in the soviet system, 'On a western device, you push a button and get a result. On a Soviet instrument, you push a button and get something’.

This electrifying musical instrument experience ends with one massive jam on the Sculpture Terrace with Chicks on Speed and friends at 10pm.

Come early, geek out and see the Chicks perform with Billy Lime on MCA Square at 7pm to kick off a truly high energy, hi resolution night and JAM-packed night.



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