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Patrick Hartigan creates subtle, evocative and acutely observed works utilising a range of media including collage, watercolour, film, sound and installation – and more recently oil painting has become his primary focus.

Dog, Horse, Museum Piece comprises three short films that have been transferred to video and looped as a continuous work. They are ambiguous in genre, a cross between experimental film, documentary and home video. Each is silent, and possesses a formal beauty in the choice and sequencing of images, whilst illustrating Hartigan’s interest in the question of framing.

Museum Piece was filmed in the Natural History Museum of Vienna during its renovation. He used black-and-white Super 8 film, a medium he chose because of its texture and unpredictability.

In this work he juxtaposes the ‘heavily veiled forms’ of the museum displays with views through the windows framing Vienna, a city he sees as resembling a museum itself at times. In the film, the caretakers, visitors and even a shopping trolley, take on some of the mystique of a museum exhibit, framed not only by the architecture but also by the camera lens itself. Displays of stuffed birds, primates and deer also possess a heightened presence, each creature on the verge of moving.

Dog and Horse are short experimental films. In Horse the camera is tightly focused on the horse’s face, revealing the irritation that persistent flies cause to the animal’s eyes. Dog consists of a single shot of a dog standing in bright sunlight, focused intently on something beyond the frame. The snippet of film embodies the experience of the dog, its taut expectancy and the way its bark inhabits its whole being.


Patrick Hartigan, from a statement by the artist on occasion of the acquisition of his work by the Museum of Contemporary Art, 2009

[I am interested in] … the most mundane and immediately perceivable forms of human existence (at least in my own life) bumping against the heavily veiled forms found in museum classification.

Patrick Hartigan

Patrick Hartigan

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Patrick Hartigan completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in 2001 and, later, in 2007 he received a Masters of Fine Arts from the same institution. He was awarded the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Moya Dyring Studio residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. His work has been exhibited in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne as well as in New Zealand.

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