Gifts to the MCA Collection

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA)


05 Apr 2007 to 12 Aug 2007


Peter Atkins, John Barbour, Mike Brown, John Bursill, Stephen Bush, Tony Clark, Richard Dunn, Stephen Eastaugh, Rosalie Gascoigne, Narelle Jubelin, Brent Harris, Bill Henson, Mathew Jones, Narelle Jubelin, Rosemary Laing, Lindy Lee, Micah Lexier, Robert MacPherson, John Nixon, Sidney Nolan, Raquel Ormella, Mike Parr, Stieg Persson, Scott Redford, Robert Rooney, Imants Tillers

Curator: Christine Morrow

about the exhibition

This exhibition comprised works that had been gifted to the MCA Collection by generous donors and artists to showcase their donations and explore the valuable contribution that private benefactors have made to the development of the MCA collection. The exhibition was shown concurrently with an exhibition on Levels 1 and 2 which showcased new acquisitions purchased by the MCA.

Central to this exhibition is the 1995 gift of over 150 works by important Australian artists by two of Australia’s most influential collectors, Melbourne-based Victor and Loti Smorgon. An extraordinarily generous contribution, the Smorgon Collection reflects the richness, depth and diversity of Australian art during the period of the 1970s to the early 1990s. Comprising over 150 works by important Australian practitioners from this period, it also represents one of the most substantial collections of contemporary Australian art in the country.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Museum now owns work by many significant Australian artists who have attracted international acclaim.

This exhibition was made possible through the generous support of MCA Ambassadors.

Featuring Works from the MCA Collection

Peter Atkins

  • Disease

John Barbour

  • Glossary/set C

John Bursill

  • Painting

Stephen Bush

  • The lure of Paris #5

Tony Clark

  • 1992
  • Clark's Myriorama

Richard Dunn

  • George Street 5pm no 2
  • Man, woman and chimney

Stephen Eastaugh

  • One day in Nunawading (suburbia)

Rosalie Gascoigne

  • Untitled + Jubilee Fountain

Brent Harris

  • Lux 1

Bill Henson

  • from Untitled 1983-84

Mathew Jones

Narelle Jubelin

  • Untitled + Jubilee Fountain

Rosemary Laing

  • brumby mound #5
  • brumby mound #6

Lindy Lee

  • The silence of painters

Micah Lexier

  • A Minute of My Time (December 7, 1998 22:17 - 22:18)

Robert MacPherson

  • Untitled (Towser's Joy)

John Nixon

  • Self portrait/ architectonic composition

Mike Parr

  • Inclined Perspective Wedge (Riverbed)

Stieg Persson

  • Our Faith Part 1: The Case For and Against Colour B

Scott Redford

  • Formal sculpture

Robert Rooney

  • Child's journey 1944-1954

Imants Tillers

  • Carl Andre in Delft