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Mca Collection

MCA Collection

29 Mar - 31 Jul


Telling Tales

02 Jun - 09 Oct


New Romance

30 Jun - 04 Sep

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Soyo Lee’s Cactus Grafting Workshop

01 Jul, 10.30am, Level 2: Seminar Room


Artists In Conversation

02 Jul, 3.00pm, Level 3: Creative Studios in NCCL


Junior Art School

16 Jul, 10.30am, Level 3: National Centre for Creative Learning

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Meeting Jumaadi: MCA Kids Committee

Siobhan learns from artist Jumaadi about his shadow puppet performance The Life and Death of a Shadow more


The MCA has collaborated with PITCH ZINE to create a digital zine in anticipation for the 9th annual MCA Zine Fair this weekend. more


Zinesters shu. & Mikaela Cailao share their how’s and why’s of zine-making more

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Volume One: MCA Collection

Works from the MCA Collection

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The Program promotes Australian art globally, helping Australian artists reach new audiences.

MCA Collection Online

The MCA Collection contains over 4000 works by Australian artists that have been acquired since 1989. This growing resource includes in depth analysis of artworks, images, exhibition histories and biographical details. MCA Collection Online is a work in progress; an evolving resource that will over time represent many more of the Museum’s collecting highlights.

All works

The One Hour Laugh 2009
Diana Smith Brown Council

George Drahm (Uncle George) from fantasies of the good 2004
Vernon Ah Kee

unwritten 2011
Vernon Ah Kee

tall man 2010
Vernon Ah Kee

Loop. A Model of how the world operates 2008
Brook Andrew

Dom-ino Colour Separation 2002
James Angus

Mountains, Valleys, Caves 2005
James Angus

Second hand political 1995
Hany Armanious

Empathy Chart 2009
Hany Armanious

Split Fountain 2009
Hany Armanious

Inherent Vice 2005
John Barbour

Automated Colour Field 2011
Rebecca Baumann

Camel Gap 2004
Paddy Bedford

Worth Exploring? 2002
Richard Bell

Uz vs Them 2006
Richard Bell

Untitled (dismay, displace, disperse, dispirit, display, dismiss) 1989
Gordon Bennett

Home Decor (Relative/Absolute) Flowers for Mathinna #2 1999
Gordon Bennett

Blue Retreat (from the Series 'How to Cross the Void') 1993
Gordon Bennett

Untitled 1989
Gordon Bennett

Abstraction (Native) 2013
Gordon Bennett

Possession Island (Abstraction) 1991
Gordon Bennett

Number Nine 2008
Gordon Bennett

Kulyu 2014
Ngamaru Bidu Jakayu Biljabu Bowya Patricia Butt Kumpaya Girgirba Noelene Girgirba Martu Artists Karnu Nancy Taylor Muuki Taylor Ngalangka Nola Taylor Wokka Taylor

Untitled 2005
Stephen Birch

Particle paradise (nuclear family) 1989
Brian Blanchflower

We Call them Pirates Out Here 2006
Daniel Boyd

Hear This 2011
Lauren Brincat

Systematically altered photographs 1968
Ian Burn

In search of a style 1987
Stephen Bush

The lure of Paris #5 1994
Stephen Bush

The claiming of things 2012
Ben Butler Josh Raymond Joan Ross

christmas island from the series lapped 2005
Elaine Campaner

Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette (AMPEdS) 1999
Christian Capurro

Kulama 2009
Timothy Cook

Metaphysical Drawing sc/101/2005 2005
Sophie Coombs

Untitled sc/ab/102/2001 2001
Sophie Coombs

Another History for H.B. and R.L. 1991
Peter Cripps

Pirate 2003
Adam Cullen

Aleks Danko

incident - Ambivalence 1991
Aleks Danko

Portrait of Bungaree 1991
Juan Davila

Sentimental history of Australian art 1982
Juan Davila

Where's Mickey? 2002
Destiny Deacon

Forced into images 2001
Destiny Deacon

Untitled 1995
Mikala Dwyer

Square Cloud Compound 2010
Mikala Dwyer

Bliss 2006
Fiona Foley Troy Melville

Badtjala Woman (two sets of beads) 1994
Fiona Foley

The door was open... 2006
Nicholas Folland

Goat Odyssey 2006
Hayden Fowler

White Australia 2006
Hayden Fowler

New World Order 2013
Hayden Fowler

Piece to Walk Around 1981
Rosalie Gascoigne

Tiger Tiger 1987
Rosalie Gascoigne

Painting for Peter 2003
Matthys Gerber

The Supremes 1994
Matthys Gerber

Jetmaster 2008
Matthys Gerber

Caress (Lemain Deluxe 850 TR) 2008
Simryn Gill

Carbon Copy (assimilate) 1998
Simryn Gill

A Long Time Between Drinks 2005
Simryn Gill

Storm Sequence 2000
Shaun Gladwell

Apologies 1 - 6 2007
Shaun Gladwell

Aske 2007
Matthew Griffin

Give a dog a bone 1996
Fiona Hall

Sounds 1-6 1. Writing a word using a Letraset 2. Sharpening my pencil 3. Writing numbers 1-10 using a graphite pencil 4. Notes on my ruler 5. Tearing a sheet of A4 paper from top to bottom, slowly 6. Tying my shoelaces 2006
Patrick Hartigan

Dog 2005
Patrick Hartigan

To make a work of timeless art 1996
Gail Hastings

Untitled no 4 1991
Robert Hunter

naa (to see or look) 2015
Jonathan Jones

Neon Light Installations 1970
Peter Kennedy

Untitled (Drawing for Neon Light Installations) 1970
Peter Kennedy

The Gallery A Years 1970
Peter Kennedy

Pwoja 2014
Raelene Kerinauia

Untitled (body painting series) 1996
Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Untitled (Awelye) [#62-1195] 1995
Emily Kame Kngwarreye

T.T. 2004
Ildiko Kovacs

Serpentine 1999
Ildiko Kovacs

bulletproofglass #1 2002
Rosemary Laing

bulletproofglass #7 2002
Rosemary Laing

Opera House Steps, March 2006
Jess MacNeil

eXoecoaXis 2005
Nicholas Mangan

Nawarramulmul (Shooting star spirit) 1988
John Mawurndjul

Nialyod (Female rainbow serpent) 1988
John Mawurndjul

Untitled, from No More Than What You See 1993
Ricky Maynard

Joel, Wik Elder, from Returning To Places That Name Us 2000
Ricky Maynard

The European 2009
Laith McGregor

You are on Aboriginal land 1984
Marie McMahon

Untitled (it's kept together by moving all around) 2006
Nigel Milsom

Laudanum #1 1999
Tracey Moffatt

Something More #1 1989
Tracey Moffatt

Invocations #1 2000
Tracey Moffatt

The Neddy Project 2004
TV (Tim) Moore

Colour green 2007
James Morrison

The Folly 2008
Arlo Mountford

Prayers of a Mother 1999
Kate Murphy

Mutatis Mutandis 2005
Dorota Mytych

Saturday Nights 2007
James Newitt

Hanging glow bulb 2009
Michelle Nikou

It's not good to worry about space 2008
Rose Nolan

Enola 2004
Susan Norrie

Transit 2011
Susan Norrie

Nguiu 2008
Maria Josette Orsto

Sunrise #3 2005
Robert Owen

Mario Milano 1992
Polixeni Papapetrou

Shark Bay, WA from the series 'Welcome to Nowhere' 2006
Trent Parke

Camera Poem, drip blood from your finger onto the lens of a camera 1972 1972
Mike Parr

Desert Riders, Mountain 2000
Patricia Piccinini

Desert Riders, Plain 2000
Patricia Piccinini

Pirimurwu (sitting man) 1969
Eddie Puruntatameri

Kulama Design 2010
Nina Puruntatameri

Touching other people's butterflies 2013
Josh Raymond Joan Ross

Colonial Grab 2014
Josh Raymond Joan Ross

Untitled (Clock) 2014
Stuart Ringholt

Miami St, December 1971 1971
Robert Rooney

Overstepping 2001
Julie Rrap

Naqshbandi Greenacre engagement 2011
Khaled Sabsabi

Its feet were tied with a silken thread of my own hands weaving 2010
Sangeeta Sandrasegar

U-8 Links Alexanderplatz 1995
William Seeto

be some other material 2011
Sandra Selig

Untitled (What If I Drive?) 2009
Tim Silver

Adaptable (dark peach/red oxide) 2008
Gemma Smith

Adaptable (mint/golden green) 2008
Gemma Smith

Balls 2009
Charles Sofo

Drowned No. 176 (Lake Pedder, Tasmania) 2002
David Stephenson

Drowned No. 62 (Lake Gordon, Tasmania) 2002
David Stephenson

Self portrait looking down a survey cut, proposed site of Gordon below Franklin Dam, Tasmania 1982
David Stephenson

Mingling 2012
Grant Stevens

Caravan 2008
Ricky Swallow

White Aborigines 1983
Imants Tillers

Shellworked slippers 2008
Esme Timbery

Crocodile Skin 2015
Cornelia Tipuamantumirri

Arlipiwura (pelican) 1969
Giovanni Tipungwuti

Murtangkala 2015
Bede Tungutalum

The lover circles his own heart 1993
Hossein Valamanesh

a preponderance of aboriginal blood 2005
Judy Watson

Tautology 1,2,3 (after Morandi) Tautological receptacals (after Morandi) 2007
Emma White

Crutch Dance 2011
Justene Williams

Jilamara 2015
Pedro Wonaeamirri

Combat Drag 2008
Jemima Wyman

Distances 1981
William Yang

The morning after 1976
William Yang

Brain Scapes 2006
Simon Yates