Helen Eager, Tango, 2012

synthetic polymer paint on wall

Helen Eager is an artist who has explored colour and light through her
paintings, drawings and prints for more than thirty years. Over time her
subjects have shifted from interiors and still lifes, through to the pure abstract
images that are her signature today.

‘I’ve called this work Tango. Tango is a dance, it’s a strong, passionate
dance. It’s about relationships and my work plays on the relationship
between shapes, the positive and negative forms, it’s in relation to the
architecture, the interior and exterior spaces. And then there is the
conversation with you, the viewer, as you accept the invitation to tango!
Orange is a gregarious colour and it complements the colours of the new
building: it also cuts through and welcomes.

The title is also a respectful reference to Matisse’s Dance (1910) and
Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie (1942-43) where colour and form
dance together.’

Helen Eager, March 2012

Helen Eager in Artist’s Voice

Helen Eager talks about her practice and her work Tango 2012. Tango was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, on the occasion of the opening of the new MCA, March 2012.

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Image: Work in progress, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, 2012
Image courtesy and © the artist