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Energies: Haines & Hinterding

25 Jun - 06 Sep


Aleks Danko

30 Jul - 18 Oct


Primavera 2015

22 Sep - 06 Dec

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06 Sep, 6.00pm, Throughout the MCA


Creativity in the Primary Classroom

11 Sep, 9.00am, The National Centre for Creative Learning


Creative Connections #2

15 Sep, 9.00am, Creative Studios National Centre for Creative Learning

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We laughed, we cried, we danced, we barked…

Teachers from across NSW gathered at the MCA and Sydney Opera House for two days of creative dialogue and exchange as part of the 2015 Engaging Students with Disability forum. more

If these walls could talk | #AleksDanko

Ha-ha-ha-ha. Learn the meaning behind artist Aleks Danko’s Laughing Wall.... more

Digital Excursions; New Connections

Alex White reflects upon the newly launched program offerings and the possibilities these hold for students and teachers anywhere in Australia. more

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Justin Shoulder – Fri 31 Jan 2014


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Nightcraft curated by Justin Shoulder and The Glitter Militia

In January Justin Shoulder and The Glitter Militia welcomed us to THE club: NIGHTCRAFT.

We joined this queer gathering of powerful political and spiritual potential. We entered a psychic space where we were asked to inhabit our alter identities. We Witnessed and partook in club covens, runway witchuals and craft-werk.

We brung IT and made it past the door-witch to…

See the MCA transformed into the Pink Pit with Melbourne’s ultra rave pop: Property vs Anthony Aitch, diva devotee La Donna Rama, the bewitching Annabel Lines, house wizards DJ Matt Vaughan & Stereogamous.

We wandered the labyrinth and discovered performance installations by Kelli-Jean Drinkwater, Cleo Gardiner, AñA Wojak, KT Spit and Emily Hasselhoof plus Emma Price and Glory Hole.

We Uncovered craft incantations by Samara Shehata, Olga Wennergren, Anna McFee, Vincent Valentine, Lennox Cakes, Jackson Stacy, Hanako Ufo, Anna Helme, Nina Buchanan, Bec Stegh, Joe Pol, Dan Bell and Justin Shoulder.

We experienced an underground performance poster retrospective with Matthew Stegh, Megan Oliver and Hana Shimada and took-in a lecture by Professor Con Fabulator titled White Australia, It’s a Drag.

We listened to the lasers and fell into the rooftop cauldron with DJ Sveta and Meta Etcetera. We danced as the runway got ramped with surprise guest performances.

It were Heavy Spectacle. High Drama. Amped Camp.